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01.05.2019: Solfa at the World Council Kortenberg


On 1 May, the World Council Kortenberg is organising the first biennial symposium entitled "Opinions on Congo". 

Keynote Speakers: Presentation of the current situation in Congo

- Nadia N'Sayi (Pax Christi-Broederlijk Delen): from a politico-military point of view

- Marti Waals (formerly Memisa): from a socio-cultural point of view

- Jean Jacques Lumumba (economist): from the point of view of the economic situation



- Léonie Lohombo (Acolisa - school in Kinshasa)

- Lorrie Vandeginste (doctor - SOLFA)

- Bijou Tshiunza (micro-financing in Kinshasa) 


 Moderator: Peter Verlinden (VRT journalist)



This is Solfa

  • teaching: systeme de gestion