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09.11.2019 mission program social entreprise, Kisantu

Team: Theo Reymen, Hubert Lemmens, Noel Haegens and Lorrie Vandeginste

Goal of the mission : management: launch of the new digitalized management system, installation of new pasteurization equipment, start use of reusable glass bottles instead of plastic bottles and consultancy bakery.

Digitising the management system for the social enterprise, which already has 8 full-time employees, is not easy. It also has to be adapted to the reality of the field. A first info session was given, but the real application of it was still a matter of time. By the end of the year, a lot of data has to be updated: a physical stock of all goods in the workshop, adjustment of the new ingredient prices and entry of all adjusted recipes.A lot of work for the local team as well as for the people here, but so much easier later on. We need to go through this adjustment. That is why our team is in contact with them almost every day to guide and support them. 

The pasteurization plane we were waiting for in October had finally arrived but was blocked in Kinshasa. It could only be put into use at the end of the mission, a little short to teach our people how to use, maintain, fill, and handle the reusable glass bottles. We could only practice 2 days before our departure but the pictures show that they become very handy. We also plan the necessary regular microbiological tests to guarantee the hoped-for longer shelf life of our milk products and fruit juices.

And the bakery: of course, our consultant had a new and immediately well-flavoured recipe in store and was able to organise the working rhythm in the bakery smoothly as always, rather than increasing it

In the meantime we have also done some brightening up of our 2° point of sale. 




lokale verantwoordelijke
manueel afladen van de kamion,  een hele karwei
het eindelijk verwachte pasteurisatie vat
eerste les in afvullen via de nieuwe unit
afvullen via nieuwe unit
afvullen via nieuwe unit
onze warme bakker
Zanga in de bakkerij
opfleur werken aan 2° verkooppunt
opfleur werken aan 2° verkooppunt

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