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11.05.2019 mission program social enterprise, Kisantu

Team: Jan Leemans, logistics manager

Purpose of the mission: installation of water/electricity/furnishings/sanitary/frigos and start-up of the 2° point of sale in Kisants; inspection and repair and maintenance of appliances and pipes, inspection of newly sent goods, maintenance vehicle, installation of camera security. 

Finished tasks :

Minor maintenance Toyota (oil, water, lights) hazard triangle and fire extinguisher are missing.  Installation of an aluminium fender above the cooking fire kitchen; Installation and finishing of 2 shower trays Installation of 4 cameras for surveillance (main entrance in and out, silo space and the large working passage) Extra security on the small doors of the sliding gate and the entrance of the workshop. Applying large logo Solfa in the meeting room atelie. Install electricity and water drainage in the new shop on the Gare. Furnishing of the new shop (fridges, toilet, cupboards, fan, cleaning material, dustbin, etc.) New milking unit unpacking: rust formation. Company will supply new appliance treated against rust. Deep freeze defrosting is not done. Freezer bought with stabilizer. Replace the resistance in the proofer. Problem caused by lack of water in the appliance. Pipe blocked by dirt in the water. Preventive inspection is necessary. Employees pointed out that they have to flush the water filter at the entrance of the workshop on a daily basis. Folding doors placed at shops to prevent customers from installing inside. Latch in the toilet repaired. Thermal security soy mill replaced to 16A. Engine recoil in Kin: breaks down due to too large variations of the current on the grid . Proactively see what is needed for the installation of the pasteurizer and the dishwasher. To do list and schedule purchases for mission sept 2019


Comments, suggestions and points for attention regarding the organisation of work 

- Redistribution of tasks and responsibilities.

- Learn to proactively order or purchase

- Stock management: learn to plan and buy when prices are low.

- Communication on the shop floor and with sales outlets regarding production and customer demand.

- Organising promotions and taking initiatives regarding new products.

-  Management of the small cash register for small purchases such as fruit that one comes to offe


 Extra employee:  

 - Profile: electrician

 - Tasks: production of dairy and bakery and repair of small breakdowns.

 - Training (internships) can start in Sept. so we can evaluate at our next mission in Oct.


Planning next mission October 2019: Training and maintenance electrical equipment workshop




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de werken worden enkel door lokale ambachtslui uitgevoerd
cement en pleisterwerk
plaatselijke schrijnwerkerij maakt rekken tafels en stoelen
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