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14.10.2019: mission repair surgery UNFPA/SOLFA, Kisantu

The UNFPA ( United Nations Population Fund) runs a global programme around HIV, family planning, reproductive and sexual health and also genital fistulas. As recent as last year we have crossed paths with them in the DRC where they organise regular ant punctual campaigns on genital fistulas and carry out surgical missions. To combine and streamline efforts, SOLFA together with the Belgian non-profit organisations Fistula Aid and Médecins du Désert have agreed to set up an informal cooperation with the UNFPA. This collaboration is particularly aimed at providing the highly necessary expertise and teaching to the local medical teams. This informal cooperation has recently resulted in the UNFPA organising a fistulas surgical mission at Hospital St Luc during which, Dr Jean Ndundu and Dr Mathieu Loposso have been able to show their skills acquired through years of intense training with SOLFA. UNFP has decided to recognise Kisantu as the reference point for fistula treatment for the Province of Kongo Central. It is clear that they have been impressed by SOLFA's active focus on prevention, by our incontinence care programme and by our purposely built home to facilitatie patient care.

During this UNFPA mission 20 patients received fistulas repair surgery. 







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