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2015: focus on: workshop fittings, equipment and distribution

We work with a local contracter and his workers to make new bild working place operational. Only essental materials such as pipes, cables, fuses etc were purchased in Belgium. Our logistics responsable Jan Leemans, organises, supervises en accompagnies and assists. 

1/Interior construction: interior walls, water and electricty lines and connections, tiling, plastering, painting, joinery, boilers, sinks, showers and toilets  Environmental works : septic tanks, water drain, connections on the ...hardening of driveways and access, plantations

2/Equipment: the first machines and devices are installed: a cornmill and silo ea . The bakery is first operational cell.

3/Distribution: preparatory works for the construction of a new point of sales in front of the hospital and the purchase of a triporteur 

4/In th meantime we continue to produce milk products in the previous atelier and start testing with soy bread and biscuits . We also mak the first steps to in making fruit juices, jams and spreads

5/the local technical school sends us trainees and we recruit a second employee. 


onderverdeling ruimte hangar in verschillende werkunits
binnenmuren klaar
electricien  Emma
af is af
de collis opgestuurd via Wereld Missie Hulp worden afgeladen
onze soja-silo, een schenking van Provincie West-Vlaanderen
Frisomat hangar
jack de triporteur
begin werken verkoopkiosk
Jan Leemans in samenwerking met lokale aannemer

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