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2016: focus on professionalization

2016 has been a year of professionalisation: no matter how small, we shy away from any kind of amateurism and feel the need for support for a further evolution of our activities. For this support we went 3 times on mission with:  

1/ consultant Hubert Lemmens:business management:

  • to streamline and document the business process to ensure the qualtiy of the products and boost the efficiency 
  • to implement and improve the logistics chain and inventary management.
  • to ensure a correct cash register management
  • to implement and improve the available information technology resources to support the business process
  • to establish clear roles and responsabilties for the various staff membes and training them in their respective roles 
  • to form the local business leader in the basic concepts of businees management( cash register-stocks-income statement)
  • to encourage and help the local business leader in pro-actively driving the company to achieve the objectives in the area of operational results
  • to open an additional distribution channel and organize the supply of that channel.

2/ consultant Noel Haegens: product-development in the soje Bakery 

3/ consultant Theo Reymen: software management and application fo customer card 

4/ consultant Lieve Vanrusselt: fruit-vegetable processing, dying techniques , organization workfloor 5/ er worden nog 2 exta personeelsleden aangeworven 

5/ responsable logistics Jan Leemans: teaching and support equipment maintenance





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