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Fistula repair surgery Kisantu ( Kongo-Central)

Team: Surgeons: Prof Dirk De Ridder ( Dep. Urology KU Leuven), Dr Dieter Ost ( Urology St Blasius Dendermonde), Dr Jean Ndundu ( Hôpital St Luc Kisantu), Dr Mathieu Loposso ( Urology Unikin Kinshasa). Nursing: Jeanne Leën, Gonda Martens 

About 30 patients were selected in advance by the local team. They were all seen on a screening session the first day and most of them had a genital fistula.There were also 2 women diagnosed with stress incontinence, as well as some women with advanced cervical cancer. The latter were given pain medication but were no longer eligible for surgery The women with stress incontinence were of course also taken in charge by Solfa.  

It was a pleasure for the surgeons to be able to work in the new operation rooms, a huge progress in terms of lightening, space and hygiene. As always we could count on the cooperation of the whole operation team of the St Luc under the leadership of cheaf nurse Nzuzi. 

The cooperation with the local team of the maternity ward went smoothly, both in terms of the pre-operative consultations and the post operative care . We got also a daily support of a number of interns nursing which were generaly very committed.  Thanks to the head nurse hoofdverpleegkundige Mirielle Miesi!!

This is Solfa