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Launch " fidelity card" to save 'healthpoint"

We are ready to test the customers-card system: the necessary soft-and hardware, data loggers and links to the management systems are now operational. A testfaze of 6 month is provided for : the teaching of the local staff, make them familiar with the concept of a ' loyalty card' and ' health points' , testing the links between our data processing system and that of local health services, raising awareness among the population and familiarising them with our concept of 'social entreprise':  sharing a part of the profits on the purchase of a healthy soy-based product with the consumer. The customers part consists in healthpoints they can validate at SOLFA. The objective is to motivate the people as much as possible to use the collected points to pay the membership fee of the health insurance fund. In this way Solfa works to make basic medical care accessible to anyone, just on consuming healthy products.

With special thanks to Theo Reymen for his help was essential to this realisation 


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