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Prevention program Province Kongo Central: District Cataractes,Matadi en Lukaya

Team: Dr. L. Vandeginste, Dr J. Ndundu, Prof. Mbanzulu (Unikin)

  • Visits: District Cataractes: rural environment: Luozi, Mangembo, Kintete

           District Lukaya: rural environment: Kimpangu, Luvaka, Nkiende and Gombe Sud 

           District Matadi: urban environment: HGR Kinkanda

  • Contacts : Provincial Minister of Health, Prof Dr Thérèse MAMBU NYANGI MONDO

                The interim Chief Doctor of the Province:  Dr Jacques KIMFUTA

                Dr. Oscar MAVILA, Dr. Inspector Provincial.

  • Conclusions:

1.frequency of FVV: no figures in the in annual reports of the visited areas.

2.FVV is nowhere listed in the statistics. Estimates differ by area: the fistula is considered either as non existant either as rather rare.

3. possible cause of the FVV is assigned by order of importance: 

  -a late reference to the level where cesarian section can be performed for financial reasons.

  -a late reference to the level where cesarian section can be peformed by lack of expertise at the primary care level 

  -a late call for help at the patient's level for financial reasons, or no means of transport 

4. prices for cesarean section, antenatal , childbirth en postnatal care: are not everywhere alike 


  •  Planning: 

  - 2013: introduction of new partograms ( peri-natal care documents), diffusion informative flyers, cartoons etc

  - 2014-2015: 


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