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Prevention programme Kisantu RDC



- Prevention of obstetric fistula is a must: the increasing number of new patients that logs on to the missions for recovery surgery stimulates our commitment to prevention. We started already in 2009 with the spread of cartoon strips in a box, realised with a local artist. The cartoonexplained through very simple drawings the causes and possible therapy of fistulae.

- In 2013 we expanded this campaign to the whole province of Kongo Central in cooperation and approval of the Provincial Minister and Inspector of Health in Matadi. In addition to those boxes we now also distribute informational brochures for care staff and posters for the visitors of the health postes. We stress the importance of good perinatal care in the CPN ( prenatal consultation) 

- A parallel action is set up in Belgium with brochure distribution through the babyboxes in all the maternities.

- We agree with the administration of the Zone de Santé of Kisantu to support especially the pregnant women in the most remote villages of the Zone: Solfa will step in for 60 $ in the cost of a preventive Cesarean in patients as long as they follow the prenatal consultation and are diagnosted as ' at risk-pregnant' according to usual criteria of the Ministry of Health of the province of Bas-Congo.


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