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Spring and Autumn 2020: missions social enterprise delayed due to COVID-19

1)March 2020: Team : Jan Leemans (logistics and maintenance) and Lieve Vanrusselt (consultant product development)

2) April 2020: Goal of this mission : general optimisation of the enterprise activities, contact the ' Office de contrôle Congolais' (OCC) and labs in Kinshasa and Kisantu to evaluate food safety regulations, and evaluate the new Proudction Management software/programme.

Team: Lorrie Vandeginste (general management).

3)November 2020: Team: Noël Haegens (consultant bakery), Jan Leemans (logistics and maintenance), Lorrie Vandeginste (general management) and Lieve Vanrusselt (product development).

Mission rescheduled to autumn 2021, leaving October 2nd.


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