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Team: Lorrie Vandeginste, Jan Leemans, Noel Haegens.

Goals:management, logistics, consultancy bakery 



2016 has been a year of professionalisation: no matter how small, we shy away from any kind of amateurism and feel the need for support for a...

We are ready to test the customers-card system: the necessary soft-and hardware, data loggers and links to the management systems are now...

Jens Vanheule graduated as a bachelor electromechanics at the Highshool VIVES Ostende with a final work for SOLFA.

We work with a local contracter and his workers to make new bild working place operational.

Under the impulse and the inspiring leadership of Mr Peter Dhulster, the group VIVES Ostend collaborates with SOLFA .

This is Solfa

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