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Mission restorative surgery, long postponed due to Covid, can finally resume. The team will be composed as follows:

An "International Women's Day" could be another rather abstract and hollow slogan in African communities.  However, every year, Solfa takes this...

Team: Dr Jean Ndundu, Dr Paul Ntweba (anaesthesia), Prof Dr Gunter Dewin (Urology UZA) and Dr Jan Ardui ( gyneacology).

The UNFPA ( United Nations Population Fund) runs a global programme around HIV, family planning, reproductive and sexual health and also genital...

Team: Prof De Ridder, Dr Siska Van Bruwaene, Piet Eelen, Gonda Martens:

Symposium organised in the Hôpital St Luc in Kisantu...

Team: Jeanne Leën, Jan Leemans, Lieve Vanrusselt, Noël Haegens, Lorrie Vandeginst

In het kader van het genitaal fistelprogramma:

Doctor Mathieu Loposso, urologist at the University of Kinshasa ( UNIKIN) defends his doctoral thesis: 

The 2016- autumn mission could not continue in view of the instable political situation/

Prospecting mission Kananga: is there a need and is it possible to initiate a fistula repair surgery programme in Kasai...

Team : Surgeons: Dr. Gunter De Win ( UZA Antwerpen) Dr. Siska Vanbruwaene ( AZ Groeninge Kortrijk) , Dr. Jean Ndundu ( Hôpital St Luc Kisantu, Dr...

Team: Surgeons: Prof Dirk De Ridder ( Dep.

Team: Surgeon: Dr. Siska Vanbruwaene ( AZ Groeninge Kortrijk), Dr Jean Ndundu ( Hôpital St Luc Kisantu).

Team: Dr. L. Vandeginste, Dr J. Ndundu, Prof....

Team:surgeons:Prof. Dirk De Ridde,Dr Mathieu Loposso.Nursing: Jeanne Leen, Gonda Martens

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