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A successful fistula program is one in which no more fistula need to be repaired because: 

  • there are no new cases being presented.  
  • the number of medically assisted deliveries increases. 
  • the numeber of preventive caesarean sections increases. 
  • the perinatal mortality decreases. 

How can we achieve this: by ensuring a good level of prenatal care, by informing the population and raising awareness, by cooperating with the local medical provider, by making sure that highly pregnant women can await the onset of their labour in safe circumstances and nearby a place (waiting maternity homes) where, if needed, a emergency section can be performed.  doen we dat : door goede prenatale zorg te promoten, de bevolking te informeren en te sensibiliseren , samen te werken met de plaatselijke gezondheidsadministratie , ervoor te zorgen dat hoogzwangere vrouwen dicht genoeg bij een ziekenhuis kunnen wachten op een arbeid in veilige omstandigheden 



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