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Added value

Added value: 

  1. Financially for the hospital: the application of technical expertise does not assume that the hospital infrastructure and medical services are available free of charges to our program. Solfa instead pays the invoices of her patients according to the usual rates or flat rates. This gives financial oxygen to the hospital each year, as seen through our program, a non-negligible quota of paying patients. 
  2. Socialy:
    - for families: the reversal not only restores the fistula but the woman and with her, her whole family.
    - for the communities: the tabloo around this particular disease, its causes and consequences, is broken. 
  3. Dynamics: investing in parallel programs for self-financing of the fistula programme is a guarantee of durability. It also creates a greater involvement of the whole community. For more info see the section ' social enterprise ' 

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