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An "International Women's Day" could be another rather abstract and hollow slogan in African communities.  However, every year, Solfa takes this...

Team for this two weeks mission will consist of Noël Haegens (consultant bakery), Jan Leemans (logistics manager), Lorrie Vandeginste (general...

Program social enterprise.

Team:Jan Leemans and Lieve Vanrusselt

Team: Dr Jean Ndundu, Dr Paul Ntweba (anaesthesia), Prof Dr Gunter Dewin (Urology UZA) and Dr Jan Ardui ( gyneacology).

The UNFPA ( United Nations Population Fund) runs a global programme around HIV, family planning, reproductive and sexual health and also genital...

Team: Dr Lorrie Vandeginste coordination, Jan Leemans logistics, Lieve Vanrusselt consultancy départment kitchen product developpement.

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