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Team: Dr Lorrie Vandeginste coordination, Jan Leemans logistics, Lieve Vanrusselt consultancy départment kitchen product developpement.

Team: Prof De Ridder, Dr Siska Van Bruwaene, Piet Eelen, Gonda Martens

Team: Lieve Vanrusselt: consulent productontwikkeling fruit-groenten; Noel Haegens consulent bakkerij

Team: Dr Lorrie Vandeginste: coordination, Jan Leemans: logistique, Lieve Vanrusselt: consultence cuisine ( fruits-légumes)t:développement de...

“SOLFA has been elected the 2017-18 Global Charity of the JCR of Christ’s College,...

Team: Lorrie Vandeginste, Jan Leemans, Noel Haegens.

Goals:management, logistics, consultancy bakery 



2016 has been a year of professionalisation: no matter how small, we shy away from any kind of amateurism and feel the need for support for a...

Doctor Mathieu Loposso, urologist at the University of Kinshasa ( UNIKIN) defends his doctoral thesis: 

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