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Problem description

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

The centre of activity for Solfa is Kisantu RD Congo, a community of around 75000 inhabitants. The level of employment is very low: the hospital, a considerable number of schools, the covents, a few governmental offices and temporary humanitarian missions are by far the only employers. The trading system runs mainly informally and does not provide added value: small businesses are selling the same products. Men occasionally find a job as a day labourer, women sell their unprocessed farming produce. Working in cooperatives is in the past: a sign that teamwork, leadership and entrepreneurship are lost. Initiatve is being discouraged since authorities come and pick seeds arbitrarily where seeds are being harvested. Entrepreneurial individuals choose to leave. Life is harsh. One cannot afford to pay the health insurance membership fee of 1$ per person per month although medical care is unaffordable for many people. It is difficult to obtain healthy food and only eating manioc makes you gain weight but does not provide sufficient nutrients 







This is Solfa