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Vision and goals


Our Vision: Respect. 

We prefer to not consider SOLFA as a "charitable" or "humanitarian" organisation. People in Africa do not ask for charity, but for equal development opportunities. Basic rights, on which we, as citizens of a welfare state can count, are in many African countries still a distant dream.The African citizen is often exposed to corruption and suffers from a lack of sound democratic governance, and of legal and effective institutions. Quality education and affordable healthcare are missing or inaccessible--- conditions required to offer citizens a fair chance to grow and develop. Impunity and corruption disrupt daily life and unstable political conditions keep investors away.  A predominantly informal economy is the rule which combined with the often negative effect of the ever-present influence of the global economy puts the African population in a vicious circle of poverty and lack of opportunities. Only persistant political will be able to resolve this distressing situation.  Meanwhile the life of millions of people is being reduced to a daily quest for survival.

The insight that our personal prosperity is not only the result of our own efforts and merits, but also happens thanks to the opportunities offered to us as citizens of a welfare state, compels respect for, and solidarity with people who are in need.

Our goals: 

In Africa, more than elsewhere, the women and their children are the 'motor' of society. And where poverty prevails, women are even more often the 'cornerstone' of the family.

Therefore we choose to invest: 

  • in her health; where she is the most vulnerable; within our medical genital fistula programme
  • in her day to day wellbeing; within our programme of fire wood saving cooking ("Ecofours")
  • in her economic self-sufficiency, within our social enterprise programme in which she can participate 






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