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1. SOLFA Fund

In 2007 Dr. Lorrie Vandeginste, together with Prof. Dirk De Ridder, Prof Kanigula Mubagwa, and Dr.Inez Vandenbussche, supported by the former President of LMS Jan Leemans, initiated SOLFA, the Solidarity Fund for African Women. Our motivation behind this iniative was manyfold: the concern for the fate of women with urinary incontinence caused by a genital fistula, the willingness to share the expertise in urinary surgery, existing contacts within the Congolese academic world, and positive experience of running logistics with the Hôpital St Luc in Kisantu. From the beginning the Fund has focused on dynamic concepts, not only focusing on health, but also on the economic situation of African women by supporting programmes that would be able to improve their economic situation, and reduce their vulnerability. We opted for the structure of a Fund under the umbrella of the LUF ( Leuvense Universiteitsfonds).


  • Prof. Dirk De Ridder of +32-16-346930
  • Dr. Lorrie Vandeginste of +32-475-705345
  • Mr. Jan Leemans of +32-485- 581606
  • Ex officio: the rector and general adminstrator of het  K.U.Leuven


2. SOLFA International Non-Profit Organization

CN 0826 098 916 

Adress: H.Verriestlaan 28, 8670 Koksijde

After 3 years of administration we felt the need for a legal representation of our organisation.  Within the medical and economic programmes, the implementation of initiatives had become more complex and its financing more important than originally anticipated. Therefore SOLFA International was founded in 2010 as a Non-Profit Organisation with the same vision and goals. 


  • Dr. Lorrie Vandeginste of +32-475-705345
  • Mr. Jan Leemans of +32-485- 581606
  • Mr.Piet Eelen of +32-478-644545
  • Mrs. Jeanne Leëen of +32-496-121437
  • Mrs. Lieve Vanrusselt of +44-7769-942848
  • Mrs. Siska Van Bruwaene


Effective members:

  • Prof Dr Dirk De Ridder
  • Gonda Martens 
  • Prof. Kanigula Mubagwa
  • Nestor Nsungimina Mbunga
  • Dr Ntweba Bawunina
  • Dr Jean Ndundu
  • Punitha Vandenbempt
  • Hubert Lemmens



  • Dr. Dieter Ost
  • Dr. Gunther De Win, 
  • informatics: Theo Reymen
  • consultancy bakery: Noel Haegens
  • ecofours Rwanda:Xaverine Nuwemutoni, Marianne Mukankaka
  • secretariat: Chantale Torrekens
  • website: Hans Vanderschot,