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Vision and goals


Our Vision: Respect. 

We do not consider SOLFA as a "charitable" or "humanitarian" organization. People in Africa do not ask for charity, but for equitable opportuinities for development. Basic rights, which we, as citizens of a welfare state can count on, are in many African countries still a distant dream.The African citizen is often exposed to corruption and a suffers from a lack of sound democratic governance, legal or effective institutions. Subsidised quality education and affordable healthcare are missing or inaccessible--- all conditions to give him or her a legitimate chance to develop. Impunity and corruption disrupt daily life and unstable political conditions keep investors away.A predominantly informal economy is the rule and the ubiquitus influence of the global economy usually even has a vicious negative effect. Only much, especially international political will, may break this . Meanwhile the lives of millions of people are reduced to a daily quest to 'survive'

The insight that our personal prosperity is not only the result of our own efforts and merits, but also given by the opportunities we have as citizens of a welfare state, compels respect for, and solidarity with people who are in need

Our goals: 

In Africa, more than elsewhere, the women and there children are the' perpetual motion' of society. And where poverty is the rule, women performe even more this ' cornerstone' role for the family. Therefore we choose to investe in solidarity: 

  • in her health where she is the most vulnerable 
  • in her economic self-sufficiency, for her to be able to care for her family
  • in her welfare all day







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