Thanks to your support, we have been able to commit wholeheartedly to the improvement of the health and welbeing of African women since our foundation in 2007.

We aim to make a tangible difference to the daily life of these women through our expertise and resilience, showing efficiency and transparency in everything we undertake. 

Our work in the DRC is twofold.  Our medical program is aimed at looking after women who suffer from genital fistula, a horrible complication after a difficult child birth, which can often result in social exclusion. The SOLFA-model consists of four integrated parts: restorative surgery, incontinence care, healthcare education (doctors and nurses, hospitals and local health centres) and most importantly prevention using the motto ' accoucher en sécurité, notre priorité ' ( giving birth in safety, that is our priority).  Medical missions are organised on a regular basis in cooperation with the local hospital.

Alongside our medical program, we run a local social enterprise stimulating the cultivation of soy and local produce and its transformation for human consumption.  Poor nutrition, due to a shortage of protein intake, compromises human health, especially the health of young and growing children.  Our enterprise is run by local people and we are working constantly towards achieving financial independency of our enterprise activities through the production and sale of our nutritious products.  Using a loyalty health card system for our clients, we endeavour to improve accessibility to basic healthcare for all our employees and customers.  The SOLFA social enterprise team organises biannual missions to assist, support and teach our enterprise team; weekly video calls ensure continuous communication about any issues that need attention or resolving.

Our ecofour (ecological ovens)-program in Rwanda aims to help the poorest families to make cooking more economical and environmentally friendly.  


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